Why The JobCentrePlus Is Only Of Many Routes To Work

Posted on Jun 5, 2014

Why The JobCentrePlus Is Only Of Many Routes To Work

For many people who are currently unemployed, the only resource they use to find work is online databases of job vacancies such as the jobcentreplus and other well known job boards.

The truth is, however, that these represent an overcrowded marketplace where there are more people than there are jobs and so it is hard to stand out unless you have an impeccable CV to hand. Thanks to the introduction of the Universal Jobmatch system, this has become even more the case as jobseekers are forced to sign up for an account and apply for jobs this way.

So rather than fight for the positions being advertised by the jobcentreplus, why not spend some of your time and energy investigating the other routes into employment, whether full or part time.

Recruitment Agencies

Oftentimes, the company looking to recruit will outsource the finding of suitable candidate to a third party company. These recruitment agencies or consultants will use various methods to attract the right people and while this may involve the use of job boards, it will also rely heavily on the database of jobseekers they have built up.

Therefore, to have any chance of landing these sorts of jobs, you need to be on the books of the agency in charge.

Obviously you will not know which positions are being looked after by which agencies so it is best to sign up with as many as you can in your area and in your field of expertise (there are specialist engineering agencies and accountancy consultants for instance).

The challenge, once this is done, is to be firm with the agencies when it comes to accepting interviews. They are getting paid a commission for every person they place in a job so it is in their interest to put as many suitable candidates forward for interview as possible. Even if you do have the required qualifications or experience, if they are suggesting you interview for a role that you are not really interested in, be polite but be insistent that you do not want to go for it.

Remember: they are working for you as much as they are working for the company making the hire.

Volunteering As A Way To Find Employment

While you are out of work, you might have the desire to keep busy and learn new skills and volunteering can be a fantastic way to do this. It can also be a potential avenue to find full time work.

The thing to remember is that charities are not entirely staffed by volunteers and they do, in fact, have full time members of staff who are paid for by fundraising activities or backing from other sources.

Therefore, by volunteering at a charity, you are putting yourself out there as a potential employee if and when such a position comes up.

Volunteering doesn’t stop you from seeking work elsewhere and it can actually improve your chances by improving your CV and by showing that you have a real get-up-and-go about you and that you’re not simply receiving benefits and accepting your fate as an unemployed person.

Go Freelance Temporarily

If you work in a field that lends itself to a freelance position then why not consider this as a stepping stone into full time employment? If you can find yourself freelance work within an organisation then there is a moderate chance of you landing a job with them at a later date.

This is because people like to avoid risk and so they will much prefer to hire someone they know and have had dealings with then a brand new, unknown entity. So by freelancing for maybe a few different companies at a time, should they feel that a proper employee is required in a similar role, you can express an interest and have an instant advantage over any other candidates – familiarity.

You can even ask your employers, whilst freelancing, whether they would like to hire you full time to get better value for money (freelancers will always cost more per hour than a company employee).

Be aware, though, that working as a freelancer doesn’t always provide a stable income and the benefits you receive may be affected. For once, your job centre adviser will be able to inform you of the potential impact to your benefits and help you work out any other implications.

The entry paths into a full time job are many and varied and these are just 3 methods. The thing to remember is that you cannot rely solely on jobcentreplus advertised vacancies and that being proactive will always give better results in the long term.

We will be discussing other routes into work in subsequent articles.