How To Change Your Career Path

Posted on Jun 23, 2014

How To Change Your Career Path

If we could run a test regarding career paths and how many tries it takes to find a career that one enjoys, the results would be worrisome, but not surprising at all. Many of us deal with careers they don't love and are stuck in jobs they detest. The causes behind these bad choices are the lack or career guidance and sometimes pressure from the society or from the family. Maybe you would have liked to be a cook, but in order to follow the trends and gain social prestige you have chosen finances, as an example. The good news is that even if you have made a bad choice, you can still mend it.

It has become more and more common lately to hear about corporate employees leaving their jobs and following their vocations in non-profit organizations; it is also possible to leave a low-level job, study more and become a white collar. So, what are the main steps you need to take when you consider changing your career path?

Reassess your values, look further into your personality type and find out what would motivate you at your workplace – money, prestige, being promoted, knowing that you are making the world a better place?

Once a new career path begins to gain shape, make sure that you have the necessary abilities and skills. Moreover, will the marketplace allow you to follow that direction?

You don't necessarily have to throw it all and make a totally fresh new beginning. Consider those skills that you can transfer to a new career instead of pursuing an utopist view.

Instead of just dreaming of a happy workplace located in a pink cloud, take a look at the reality and see if there is any company you would specifically like to work for and where you would be satisfied. Networking is a good professional solution at any time, and you are looking for the prospects of a new workplace, it becomes even more valuable.

I am sorry to break it to you, but such a change needs to be even more rooted into everyday reality. Can you afford that change? Will you need to study more in order to change your career? What hardships could appear during the process? Does your family understand and support you?

Hoping to find a better career tends to overlook rationality and precautions, but analyzing your choice is absolutely necessary if you want to avoid an even bigger mistake. While your local JobCentrePlus might be able to offer some guidance, you'll find better help online, particularly at websites such as Career Shifters.